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"FGC wind, PV, and energy storage integrated power station" Summary CoUpdate time : 2016-12-22  Views :

December 14, 2015, "FGC wind, PV, and energy storage integrated power station" Summary Conference was held in Shenzhen brilliant electrical company.

"FGC FGC wind, PV, and energy storage integrated power station" in Guangdong Province electrical engineering society low voltage direct current power special committee leadership and organization, in 2012 January set up a joint design group, Shandong BOS as "FGC” union Members of the design team members "active participation, after several years of unity of member units struggle to tackle tough, in November 28, 2015 passed the China Machinery Industry Federation national identification.


To promote the integration of wind and solar power station technology applications, for social development and human progress of strategic significance:

 1) To promote wind power, photovoltaic and other new energy technology development is conducive to environmental protection;

 2) Conducive to improving the power supply network security, reliability, to achieve intelligent power;

3) Conducive to reducing the grid load peak valley difference, ease the increasingly serious contradiction peak shaving;

4)To improve the quality of power to meet the sensitive load and modern society on the power quality of the higher requirements;

5) Balanced transmission of electrical energy, reduce transmission and distribution lines and substation construction investment;

6) To improve response to power outages or large regional power outages and other emergencies;

7)To reduce power outages, peak power supply to the enterprise impact and loss;

8) Low-cost storage of electricity, high-output power, improve business efficiency;

9) To improve energy efficiency, improve environmental conditions, energy conservation.

10) Peak and valley regulation, household energy storage, emergency power supply;

   FGC power plants use the BOS 100KW, 3 50KW bi-directional energy storage inverter which can be realized from the grid and automatic control, effectively protect the landscape of new energy access and grid peak load shifting the economic mode of operation, to achieve a variety of energy storage flexible control configuration, automatic management. Shandong BOS energy storage system provides reliable operation, quality and stability, to win the "FGC integration of wind and solar energy storage integrated design of advanced units," "Guangdong Provincial Institute of Electrical Engineering Low-voltage DC Power Supply Committee advanced units", the new energy Business unit manager Jiang Qiang was awarded the "FGC scenery storage integrated power station joint design personal outstanding contribution award".

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