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National 863 key project "300k marine integrated power supply demonstrationUpdate time : 2016-12-22  Views :

Recently, the national 863 key projects: "300k marine integrated power supply demonstration system" was preliminary completed the installation work by Shandong BOS Energy Technology Co., Ltd., cooperated with North China Electric Power University, Qingdao Ocean University. The BOS designed and provided the bi-directional inverters, wave energy MPPT controller, power flow MPPT controller and grid-connected converter equipment.

The project consists of tidal energy, wave energy, solar energy, wind energy,  various forms of new energy to achieve system integration. Chinese urban low-carbon economic network tidal energy device is divided into floating and fixed submarine two forms and the submarine fixed tidal energy system has been successfully installed. It will be used with the early arrival of solar energy, wind energy, floating tide energy and other devices to achieve the on-grid operation, marking the Zhaitang Island in northern China to become the first independent island which use the ocean energy. More than 300 households in the island can use the real green, environmentally fand stable power.

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