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Mexico 300KW bi-directional smart grid system projectUpdate time : 2016-12-22  Views :

Recently, the 300kW photovoltaic power station located in Baja California, Mexico, was put into operation. This project used the energy storage bi-directional inverter developed by Shandong BOS . The project is for a tourism resort hotel force which is located in the seaside and the power grid is difficult to build. The pre-construction capacity of the project is 650KW photovoltaic power plants. For the photovoltaic power station capacity is too large and the PV inverter can not run all day and only can use the diesel generator power supply in the evening,that will waste great of resources . Therefore, it is urgent to build energy storage station, which will excess solar energy into the battery in the day and at night supply power to the load by the battery. Taking into account the load operation throughout the year and photovoltaic power plant capacity and other factors, we designed 300KW photovoltaic energy storage system to meet the local Load operation.

The whole system uses complex control technology, and some of the modern control algorithm, energy storage establishs the mi-cro grid system in the absence of electricity and according to the load and battery conditions, adjusts the inverter output power to achieve the generator and energy storage inverters seamless switched automatically. The master control system controls the photovoltaic power and adjusts the charging current according to the battery voltage. Control the reactive power of the photovoltaic inverter, and ensure the reactive power to be minimized. Improve the operational efficiency of PV modules and grid-connected inverter, reduce losses and improve reliability, to ensure the safe operation of the entire smart micro-network system.

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