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Smart grid soft ware

Smart micro grid management software is mainly for micro grid sysem internal distributed generation,, energy storage devices and load condition in real-time integrated monitoring. When on-grid operation, off-grid operation and switching state, according to the power and load characteristics of the internal distributed generation, the software optimizes the energy storage devices and load control to achieve safe and stable operation of the smart micro grid and improve the efficiency. 

Smart grid soft ware

Smart micro grid management software system cooperates with the protection control of local, and the remote distribution scheduling coordination. The main features are described below:

1.Real-time monitoring categories: micro-grid SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System), distributed generation real-time monitoring.

2.Business management categories: micro-power flow (tie-line flows, DG node trend, load flow, etc.), DG power forecast, DG power generation control and balance control.

3.Intelligent analysis and decision categories: micro-grid energy optimization scheduling etc.

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