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PV off-grid inverter

 PV off-grid power generation system consists of PV modules, controllers, batteries, photovoltaic off-grid inverter power supply, power distribution system. Solar power generation through the PV module, the battery charge and discharge management by the controller, and to provide power to the DC load or off-grid inverter to the AC load to provide power. This series of products for public without a grid of solar energy resources, but more adequate sites, such as: remote mountainous areas, islands, harsh areas such as the plateau. Depending on.

PV off-grid inverter

● Original Japanese Mitsubishi IGBT power module package

● The use of multiple US companies ATMEL microprocessor, digital control

● Perfect protection and alarm function

● compact circuit, the maximum efficiency ≥ 92%

● Wide input voltage range

● RS232 / 485 communication, host computer monitoring, remote data acquisition and monitoring

● large-screen Chinese LCD explicit, user-friendly

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